Hypnosis for Relaxation

Hypnosis for Relaxation


Who doesn’t need a bit more relaxation in their life? This download will help!

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Hypnosis for Relaxation

Who doesn’t need a bit more relaxation in their life? Whether you feel constantly “stressed out,” or something or someone is just causing your stomach to have unwanted butterflies this is the hypnosis download for you. Using this download on a regular basis may inhibit the production of stress hormones on a day to day basis and can aid you in leading a much more healthier stress free existence. Everyone needs a little time to just let the tensions go and let the relaxation in. This download is designed to leave you feeling more calm and ready to take on the possible hurdles of everyday life.

My talented friend and colleague Leigh Spusta created the wonderful music/sound you hear with your hypnosis downloads. “These recordings produce brainwave entertainment, hemispheric synchronization, and cellular “whole-body” entertainment, resulting in profound relaxation. The proprietary methods include binaural imaging, heterodyne beats, vibro-acoustics and bio-resonant frequencies to deliver dramatic results. The sounds target a low alpha and theta brainwave state that aids in the process of total relaxation.” http://psimatix.com Each song was specifically picked to best accompany the subject matter of the hypnosis session to increase positive results for the listener.  Thanks, Kristen Luman

Instructions: You may listen to your download whenever you would like but I find they have the best effect right after you wake in the morning or right before you go to bed. If you choose to listen to them in the morning, I recommend to do so literally right after you open your eyes. We are still in a dreamlike state and are easier to influence. If you choose to listen to your download before bed at night, I recommend you do so literally right before bedtime. Listening at this time allows your subconscious mind to absorb my suggestions during sleep and release the negative beliefs you have created.

NEVER LISTEN WHILE DRIVING! Results from hypnosis downloads may differ and are NOT guaranteed.